Income: A Million Rupees A Year, Job: Garbage Collection, Story Of Waste Management

 It may surprise many that over a million rupees can be made simply through managing the waste coming out from our house. But it is a reality.

A good earning is made by collecting and managing the waste from homes and hotels in Beni bazar, district headquarters of Mygadi.

The person in charge of managing the waste is not just helping in keeping the town at the river bank clean but is also earning a sum of 10 lakh rupees a year after deducting all expenditures including salaries to some 10 people.

Yam Bahadur Damai, Raghuganga, Rural Municipality-3, lying opposite of Galeshwordham, a popular Hindu shrine, is earning 10 lakh rupees a year from waste collection and management in Beni bazar.

Damai was born in November 28, 1979 in Piple of Raghuganga but had shifted to Pokhara in a very small age.

Damai was working in contract for 12 years in waste management following the employment of his parents in waste management of Pokhara Metropolitan City.

Yam Bahadur along with his parents was devoted in campaign of making the Pokhara City clean left his job in 2003 and started waste management in his own different way.

“Waste Management is in my blood, said Yam Bahadur.

Because of his passion, Damai registered a company for waste management in Pokhara and started his work. And in 2013, he founded Mission for Waste Management Pvt. Ltd and he started waste management in Pokhara and other places through his company.

This is the third fiscal year of waste management after signing the agreement with Beni Municipality.

Emulating the government’s three pillar model of economic policy, waste management in the Beni Municipality is being done in participation of the municipality, the people and the company.

The waste collected from Beni and nearby places is managed by modern technology. The waste is sorted out as re-use and destroy.

At present, 10 people and 2 vehicles are mobililsed daily for the waste management of the Beni Municipality.

The Beni Municipality collects waste management fee and of the total amount it gives 60% to the Mission for Waste Management Pvt. Ltd and keeps the remaining for itself.

The municipality says that waste management activities are carried out here in such a way that natural beauty suffers no damage.

The waste coming from the city is managed in a systematic way after separating it to be reused later, said Chabilal Subedi, Chief Administrative Officer of Beni Municipality.

The collected garbage cannot be burned, burry or dumped into river as per the agreement between municipality and the company.

It is stated that the waste management has become easier as the work is being done as per the agreement till now.

शुक्रबार, अशोज २३, २०७७ मा प्रकाशित

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