Jolly Dashain

Uma Kandel

This year too, Dashain has knocked at the door;
Hearing this, my little soul feels excited more.
Mummy fills up the kitchen with meat and delicious foods;
Daddy will pay for toys, shoes, clothes and goods.

A few days later, my school remains closed and quiet;
I’ll admire colorful houses, smiling gardens, candles and light.
No more rains, fragrant fields, clean roads, and shinning sun;
Gathering neighbors’ funny talk, jolly children laugh and run.

No longer excuses to teachers for homework and projects;
Playing ping, visiting melas, packing up the school dresses.
Smelling the atmosphere at my window, I will smile more again;
I blissfully hope, Dashain will knock at my door again.

Hem Secondary School
Sibang, Myagdi

शनिबार, अशोज ८, २०७९ मा प्रकाशित

सम्बन्धित सामाग्री

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